Vida Manfreda Kolar is an associate professor for didactics of mathematics at Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana. She works at the Department of Primary School Teaching. She studied mathematics and physics on faculty of education and became a two-subject teacher for Primary school (grade 6 to 9). After that she continued a study first at Faculty for Mathematics and Physics to become a master of educational mathematics and then at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology to become a doctor of science with the doctoral thesis “The role of representation of the problem for developing the concept of number among pre-school children”.

She actively takes part in international educational and mathematical conferences, among others International Conference on Education, (Athens, Greece), Promath Conferences which focus on problem solving in mathematics (Budapest, Hungary; Umea, Sweden; Zadar, Croatia), Conference of Children’s Mathematical Education, Poland, International Colloquium Mathematics and Children (Osijek, Croatia), SEMT conference (Prague, Czech Republic). She was one of the organisers of 14th and 17th Promath Conference in 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is also the author of mathematical textbooks for primary school, among others also a co-author of a collection of textbooks for the first grade which  received a prestigious BELMA international award for the year 2020.

Her research topics  have been devoted to children’s early understanding of arithmetic’s, representations of addition and subtraction problems in preschool and in early years of schooling, study of the role of didactic material for teaching and learning of mathematical concepts, problem solving in mathematics (the role of a teacher, problem solving strategies, mental schemas for problem solving, generalisations), understanding of mathematical concepts (infinity, fractions, equation) and mathematical literacy. Her research work was published in international monogarphies, proceedings from the conferences and in an important international journal, Educational Studies in Mathematics.