Franka Miriam Brueckler was born in 1971 in Essen, Germany. She was educated in Zagreb, where she graduated in mathematics in 1995 and received her PhD in 2002, all at the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Science at the University of Zagreb. Although the PhD was in the field of operator theory, later his research interest shifted to mathematics education, applications of mathematics in chemistry and particularly history of mathematics. She has published 10 research articles, more than a hundred of professional papers and 3 professional books (in German, published by the Springer Verlag).
Since 2006 she is employed as assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics of the  Faculty of Science in Zagreb, where she currently teaches Mathematics 1 and 2 for chemists, History of Mathematics, and Crystallography for geologists.
Since 1998, she has been actively involved in popularisation of mathematics, was 8 years a member of the Raising Public Awareness Committee of the EMS (2009–2017, from 2012 to 2017 she was its vice-chair). She was awarded the State Award of the Republic of Croatia for Popularisation and Promotion of Science for 2009. She  has published 3 popular mathematical books in Croatian, more than 100 popular articles, held about a hundred public lectures and workshops in Croatia and other countries of Europe.
Her hobbies are food and cooking, (watching) football, and travel, she speaks English and German fluently as well as basic Turkish. She is a member of the Croatian Mathematical Society and the Croatian-Turkish Friendship Association.